Formerly BLOOM RA, The Robeson Program at Cal Poly Pomona is geared toward system-involved and at-risk young men of color who have had to overcome extraordinary challenges in their lives. This "pipeline" program outreaches to participants while they are still in high school and provides an on-ramp to community college and to university. The program begins with the Robeson College Readiness Summer Academy. High School participants will come to Cal Poly Pomona for two weeks in the summer and live on campus. They will be exposed to the dynamics of college life. The program embraces the spirit of the great Paul Robeson. The program will provide a positive and dynamic pipeline for participants to to achieve academic success. The program’s objective is to encourage these young men to be Robeson-like. Robeson was a scholar, an athlete, an actor, a singer, a linguist, an activist, and a global citizen. The Robeson group will pledge to embrace specific attributes of Robeson. The individuals in this group will strive to become scholars. They will take an interest in a foreign language and study abroad. They will embrace the arts. They will be encouraged to increase their consciousness and engagement. Those who achieve a 3.0 GPA will become Robeson Scholars. See the tragic but inspiring story of Semaj Clark, a Robeson member. Contact the Robeson Program.